The Small Town of Todos Santos is Big on Ecotourism

The town of Todos Santos, with its rustic granite streets, multi-colored stained buildings, family gardens and sea flavors – set deep within the Baja California desert – is adorned with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean on the horizon.

Here, you can discover an oasis of green fields and fruit trees almost as easily as you can enjoy the dazzling galleries and works of art by the artists who call this town their home.

This part of the Baja Peninsula is also comprised of an amazing collection of diverse ecosystems, and with such a large variety of eco adventure tours on offer today, visitors get to explore – and help conserve – the oceans, deserts, mountains, islands, estuaries, dunes, coastlines and mangroves that support one of the most biodiverse places on the planet.

Today, as our understanding for the preservation of culture, nature and the planet’s overall well being has grown, many have begun to practice a much more economical form of travel and adventure in Todos Santos.

Several tours work with, and support, local individuals and businesses. Including the Todos Santos fishing cooperatives, the potters of San Vicente and La Candelaria, the ranchers and burreros of the Sierra de la Laguna mountains, as well as Magdalena Bay fishing, sea lion swimming and whale watching cooperatives. Alongside local and independent surfing, Sea of Cortez kayaking, horseback riding, diving, biking and hiking tours, and a slew of locally owned shops, restaurants, hotels, and nonprofit organizations working for the betterment of the local community.

In Todos Santos, ecotourism initiatives are committed to the health and well-being of the local environment, which covers not only the local ecosystems, but the people and businesses of Baja California Sur.

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