The Top 6 Must See Attractions in Cabo San Lucas

With unparalleled sport fishing, world-class golf courses, pristine beaches, and a near-perfect year long climate, it is no wonder that this once small fishing village has transformed into one of Mexico’s most popular tourist destinations. Known as Cabo San Lucas, this tourist favorite offers sights and activities for all types.

So, where is Cabo San Lucas exactly? Located at the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula, this unique destination offers visitors the opportunity to visit both the active waters of the Pacific Ocean and the tranquil, crystal clear waters of the Sea of Cortez. Home to activities ranging from a swim with dolphins and world-renowned snorkeling, to Cabo catamaran tours and excursions to nearby Magic Towns (Pueblos Magicos), Cabo San Lucas is sure to impress all of those who reach its shores.

Due to the multitude of options available to those visiting this one-of-a-kind destination, planning a trip may seem a bit overwhelming. Don’t fret. With limitless options it’s hard to go wrong – you are sure to have an unforgettable experience. However, to help you sift through your options and select the most efficient way to spend your valuable vacation time, below is a list of the six must see attractions in Cabo San Lucas. You won’t want to miss these!

1. Land’s End and El Arco (The Arch)

The iconic image of this picturesque, stone structure has been plastered on postcards, souvenir T-shirts, shot glasses, and even tequila bottles. However, it is much more than just a picture-worthy natural wonder. Located at the southernmost end of Cabo San Lucas, and wedged between Playa del Amor (Lover’s Beach) and Playa del Divorcio (Divorce Beach), visitors must reach this one-of-a-kind rock formation by boat.

Created by the unique combination of strong winds and currents of the southern region of the Baja Peninsula, its grandness and proximity to pristine beaches and marine life make this local attraction a must-see. With sea lions and diverse species of fish that frequent the area, not only will visitors have the opportunity to witness amazing sea structures and soak up the sun on nearby beaches, but they will also gain a glimpse of life below. Be sure to check out the Land’s End Gateway, which allows visitors to see the Pacific side of the peninsula via a small, stone opening – a truly unique experience!

2. Wirikuta Botanical Gardens

Located just 20 miles (32 kilometers) north of Cabo San Lucas in San José del Cabo, the Wirikuta Botanical Garden is a great get-a-way for those looking to take a break from the beaches and the action accompanied by under-water activities. As a 12 acre (5 hectare) sculpture garden that houses monumental art created by some of Mexico’s most successful, living artists, the park is designed to show off thousands of cacti and succulent plants from numerous deserts around the globe.

The garden not only honors cacti in its many forms, but also the cultures and traditions of indigenous populations throughout Mexico. Its beauty has captured the hearts of those who visit, as well as the many guests who attend Cabo San Lucas events held here. Home to one million varieties of plants, including a complex labyrinth of one thousand bougainvilleas and three pyramids built of giant granite stones, this nearby destination is one for the books.

3. Playa de Amor (Lover’s Beach)

Cabo’s Playa del Amor (Lover’s Beach) is situated in a rather peculiar spot. Located on the Sea of Cortez side of Land’s Ending, access to this beach is only possible via boat. Due to its remote location, Playa del Amor offers a less busy atmosphere, perfect for those looking to escape the noise and soak up the sun in peace. As a world famous beach with stunning views, great snorkeling, and perfect for swimming, this site is a must-see for those wishing to leave Cabo San Lucas in awe. Adding to its charm, just around the bend on the Pacific side of Land’s End is Playa del Divorcio (Divorce Beach). Although its sunsets are hypnotizing, its waters are too rough to enjoy. That shouldn’t stop you from visiting, however. Its views are well worth a look! With this two in one beach deal, you won’t regret spending a day (or two) at this remarkable site.

4. Playa Chileno

This spectacular beach located just 9 miles (15 kilometers) north of Cabo San Lucas along the Tourist Corridor is the perfect beach for those looking to capture a glimpse of marine life while soaking up the sun. Recognized as a marine sanctuary, motorized watercrafts are not permitted on the water, protecting the several lively reefs that lay beneath its surface. Home to more than 80 species of marine life, including exotic fish, moray eels, sea turtles, sea urchins, sea fans, sponges, starfish, and invertebrates, this site is sure to leave visitors feeling enthralled. What’s not to love about relaxing on the beach while observing some of the sea’s greatest treasures? While this site can be busy due to snorkel and dive activities, the opportunity it provides visitors to see life beyond the surface is alone well worth the time invested.

5. Cabo Pulmo National Park

As one of the region’s biggest draws, the Cabo Pulmo National Park and Marine Sanctuary is a must for those seeking a little adventure and some of the most outstanding underwater sights the world has to offer. Although it resides two hours north of Cabo San Lucas, admirers of life below the surface won’t regret making the trip. Consisting of an undersea fantasia of living coral reef and a remarkable concentration of marine life, including whale sharks, manta rays, eels and endangered sea turtles, this national park is one for the books.

With 17,550 acres (7,111 hectares) of land and water, this protected natural park is home to the only surviving coral reef in the Gulf of California. Its year-round warm waters and visibility of 60 to 100 feet (18 to 30 meters) make it the prime spot for snorkeling and diving activities, as the waters are calm, clear, and un-interrupted. While marine life is impressive all throughout the Sea of Cortez, reefs such as the one located at Cabo Pulmo are truly stunning. With 17 dive sites, including deep reef and underwater canyon explorations, and opportunities to swim along whale sharks and humpback whales (depending on the season), visitors will forever remember the afternoon they spent at exploring this truly remarkable destination.

6. Todos Santos

Designated a Pueblo Magico in 2006 by the Secretary of Tourism, Todos Santos has not only retained its colonial charm, but has evolved to become a multicultural oasis. Located just one hour north of Cabo San Lucas alongside the Pacific Coast, this tropical paradise hosts a diverse selection of art galleries, shops, boutiques, hotels, and several astonishingly delicious restaurants. What you will not find – mega resorts or cruise ships.

This destination calls out to many individuals for a number of reasons, especially those looking to escape the noise of popular tourist sites. As one of the most important art markets in the Baja Peninsula (if not in all of Mexico) Todos Santos is home to authors, poets, and numerous creative types who retreat to its streets for inspiration. Whether you wish to gain insight into Mexico’s complex past, enjoy delicious cuisine, shop, view art, or simply relax, visiting Mexico’s Magic Town of Todos Santos is something you are sure to remember.


Now that you have your list of the top six attractions to visit in Cabo San Lucas, it’s time to start planning your incredible vacation! As can be seen by the region’s diverse activities, this destination is sure to impress all of those it welcomes. Whether you wish to quick back and relax, or partake in thrilling Cabo San Lucas excursions, this destination is sure to check off all of your vacation needs.

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