The Yucatan’s Xcambo Ruins are Part of its Mayan Legacy

Xcambo is an archaeological site located in Dzemul, a small municipality in the Mexican state of Yucatan. It is considered by experts to be one of the largest pre-Hispanic settlements in the Peninsula, located just 1 mile from the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

This small Mayan ruin is newer compared to others close by, as it was discovered roughly 5 years ago, and many of its structures are still being unearthed and restored today.

Xcambo was a business city in its heyday, as the main function of the community was to provide salt for the Mayan empire. Even today some of the local salt beds in the area are still in use. Across the site there are two tall temples that are of note, situated at the north and south of the acropolis, and the panoramic views of the shoreline from atop these pyramids is reason enough to visit. However, regardless of the details, Xcambo allows for integral insight into Mayan culture and Mexican history, and should be an essential part of any explorer’s itinerary.

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