Tijuana Leaves Foodies Wanting More

One of the most crossed borders in the world, Tijuana draws visitors in with its nightlife, restaurants, bars, and quintessentially fantastic Tijuana tours. The city also has a vibrant arts scene and emerging independent arts spaces in Zona Centro. If that weren’t enough, here things are deliciously different, as the city is becoming a serious contender for one of Mexico’s best gastronomic destinations.

Food trucks are all the rage in Tijuana at the moment, probably as a result of the city’s proximity to food fad friendly California. However, you shouldn’t miss out on the culinary movement better known as the Telefónica Gastro Park. Rated as one of Mexico’s top 2017 tourist destinations, a particular stand-out is the Humo truck which sells a selection of homemade meals, such as gourmet hotdogs.

This is really more of a ‘what to eat’ than a ‘where to eat’, as the ‘tacos de carne asada’ are unmissable in Tijuana according to local insiders. Don’t just stick to ‘carne asada’ though, as the fish and prawn tacos throughout Tijuana are also must-tries. Some suggestions for where to pick up these Tijuana tacos include El Mazateño and Los Arcos, which offers regional ‘tacos gobernador’. Of course, the ever trusty street vendor is also likely to offer up some authentic Mexican food along the way.

Baja Mediterranean cuisine is enjoying its share of the spotlight as well, and you can’t leave the city without stopping by the restaurant that started it all – La Querencia. It’s said that this establishment was the brains behind this hybrid culinary invention, so get yourself a table and try one of their machacas or exquisitely prepared carpaccios.

At once a raucous spring-break destination and a wild, escapist fantasy land, the city, in Mexico’s northwest, features in so many films and TV shows that for many it has taken on a legendary aura – if only for the exquisite Tijuana climate alone. The town, where no matter what your vice, is very easy to embrace – if only for a day.

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