Top 3 Family Friendly Activities in Valle de Bravo

You can always find an array of interesting things to do in Valle de Bravo, including many ecological, historical, cultural and religious attractions that appeal to every member of the family.

The wonderful geographical characteristics of this destination are suitable for doing basically anything, regardless of your preference. It is also a fascinating experience to visit the surrounding towns, such as Temascaltepec and its hot water springs, the old Hacienda at Santa Maria of Pipioltepec, as well as Villa de Allende with its breathtaking scenery. But of all the surrounding beauty, we’ve compiled three of the best family friendly experiences in Valle de Bravo.

Valle is world-famous for paragliding, and competitions are held here nearly every year. The exhilarating sport is so popular that anyone with a flat, large garden, is prepared for stray gliders to appear out of the sky and land in their lawns when winds or misjudgment cause them to miss the standard landing spots.

Axitla is the area’s premier spot for great Mexican food. This smart establishment is located in the folds of the mountains, and is surrounded by ponds and bridges. Among the delicious concoctions are chili jaral (ancho chili stuffed with shredded beef and raisins) and lamb in zucchini sauce. You can dine in the pink, high-ceilinged dining room overlooking the trees and river or alfresco, while a lone guitar player adds to the character during the busy weekend lunchtimes.

The town is also a favorite destination for those who love speed and adventure. There are race tracks at the Kartodromo and Go Karting where you can race classic go karts and motocross on tracks filled with sharp curves and the forest backdrop of Valle de Bravo. Restaurants, lockers and bathrooms are conveniently located as well. You can also find all sorts of competitions like motocross championships, go kart races styled after Le Mans, Grand Prix and Super Prix, where you can compete in teams or individually. Here, in Valle de Bravo, you experience adventure at maximum velocity.

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