Travelers Love the Natural Beauty of La Paz and its Surroundings

While in one direction lies the enchanting Sea of Cortez, in the other awaits an unending expanse of desert landscape, better known as Baja California.

It is clear why travelers from around the world are enchanted by La Paz and its sheer beauty.

Desert flora and fauna, mangrove estuaries, and coastal shorelines make up the intriguingly diverse terrain. The area provides nesting sites and migratory habitat for about 210 bird species, of which a number are endemic, and also boasts the world’s largest cactus, the black tailed jackrabbit, ground squirrels and a variety of reptiles.

Valleys covered in the thousands of desert plants lead to ravines and streambeds, the site of primitive cave and gorge paintings and carvings. You might even get to experience sea lion swimming just offshore, or go scuba diving and whale shark snorkeling into more open ocean waters.

The unique alluvial plains, dramatic cliffs, and waterside wonders open an array of things to do in La Paz, and subsequently ensure an unforgettable vacation experience for old and young alike.

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