Try Scuba Diving to Get Wet and Wild in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas remains the preemptive hotspot for diving in Baja California Sur, with some of the most amazing dive sites in Mexico, available within striking distance off the coast.

Diving and snorkeling excursions in Cabo, happen all day, and include stops at some of the best sites in the region, including the Sandfalls, Sea Lion Colony, Santa Maria, Chileno Bay and the famous Gordo Banks, where schooling hammerhead sharks can be seen.

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Abundant sea life, amazing rock formations, and the best coral reefs await your discovery in the waters. Divers of all levels can partake in the best scuba diving in Cabo San Lucas, and experience a unique and wondrous adventure amongst the amazing underwater world, and you simply would not want to miss exploring in a place famed ocean explorer, Jacques Cousteau, called the “world’s aquarium”.

This is a tropical paradise you will never forget, with many choosing to make Cabo their home. Divers from around the world congregate here to have encounters with the inhabiting whale sharks and rays. If you have seen most of Baja, and want something exciting to top it all off, then the family fun waiting off the coast of Cabo, is the perfect getaway trip.

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