Try These 3 Exciting Cruise Excursions When Next in Nuevo Vallarta

Nuevo Vallarta Mexico is a lesser known sister resort community to Puerto Vallarta. If you’re docking at its port for the day, the things to do in Nuevo Vallarta are endless, and they include numerous day-trip tours involving water sports, sightseeing, wildlife encounters, hiking expeditions and historic culture.

If you are visiting the Nuevo Vallarta area, the Bay of Banderas has so many choices to get out and have fun! Day trips from Nuevo Vallarta to surrounding villages is a must and adds to the fun of your vacation. Here are three of the best cruise excursions in Nuevo Vallarta.

1. Island Discovery Tour

Enjoy a wonderful day trip in an inflatable speed boat that heads out into Banderas Bay on a Marietas Islands tour – an ecologically diverse sanctuary with a stunning hidden beach nestled just out of sight. These islands, made famous by oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, provide the perfect environment for an exciting eco-adventure.

Here, you can enjoy walks on the islands’ many hidden beaches with friends and family, including the iconic Lover’s Beach, and soak in the warm sunshine. Snorkel in and out of cave formations and rock archways, admire the extraordinary terrain and more than 100 species of tropical fish that call these rocky reefs home. Along the way you may even see the numerous schools of wild dolphins, whales (in winter), rays and even sea turtles that call the Bay of Banderas home.

2. Luxury Sailing

Sailing tours are abundant around Nuevo Vallarta as this area features more than six miles of navigable waterways, including rivers, bays and lagoons. Sailing is a popular day tour and various boats cruise to the neighboring Marietas Island. You can embark on sunset cruises of the bay and travel alongside schools of wild dolphins, whales and sea lions.

Fishing charter tours can also be booked privately or with a public group aboard 26- to 36-foot yachts. Scuba diving tours may also be incorporated into a boating excursion, or the captain can simply anchor in a safe location and allow passengers to swim or snorkel in the open waters.

Elsewhere, you can learn to sail on board sailboats and explore the spectacular turquoise waters of Banderas Bay. After an introduction to the essentials of sailing, the tropical winds of the Pacific will carry you to secluded bays and picture perfect beaches, often accompanied by wild dolphins and even whales, rays and turtles. Anchor in a protected cove where you can swim and snorkel amongst a huge variety of tropical marine life. This is a perfect way to relax and be pampered while surrounded by the spectacular natural beauty of the region.

3. Ocean Mania Tour

Among the most popular of the Vallarta tours, the Marina Tour involves boarding an inflatable speed boat and heading out to a secluded ocean cove and an unforgettable day of fun at Nuevo Vallarta’s only natural waterpark. This is a fun-filled day for the whole family that includes a hands-on encounter with sea lions, a ride on the high speed Thriller boat, zip-lines, a water slide and an adrenaline-inducing catapult into the sea. Ocean Mania is the perfect choice for those who have an insatiable craving for adventure!


Nuevo Vallarta remains a popular part of this colorful country, for its unrivaled combination of Mexican warmth, international diversity, the quintessential Nuevo Vallarta weather and, above all else, incredible tour opportunities.

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