Try These Amazing Restaurants in Cozumel

So you love to travel to different destinations and enjoy local cuisine, fine dining or just new and exciting flavors? Read on! Things to do in Cozumel don’t only include the amazing scuba diving that the island is famous for. If you visit Cozumel you should definitely try some of the local Mexican cuisine.

Chef and restaurateur Yvonne Villiger has brought together passion for food, personal service and dedication to this second-generation Cozumel restaurant established in 1978 by her father Guido. The wood-fired oven, where great tasting pizza and lasagnas are cooked, and the homemade pastas make it a unique gourmet experience. Yvonne’s daily specials of fresh fish, seafood platters and meats are well known to locals and tourists alike. Guido’s offers a finely selected assortment of international wines and their famous pitcher of sangria help round out a memorable meal.

Pepe’s Restaurant
This restaurant is a must when it comes to dining out in Cozumel. Founded almost half a century ago, Pepe’s boasts an open-air terrace and bar where you can enjoy cocktails with a 50% Happy Hour discount every day from 6:00 to 9:00 PM. They have an international menu ranging from pastas, salads to their world-famous Angus beef steaks and the freshest seafood in the Mexican Caribbean.

La Choza
The best authentic Mexican Cuisine on Cozumel! Since 1989 La Choza has been a favorite for locals, cruise ship crew members and island visitors alike. Their featured dishes include “fajitas”, freshly grilled seafood and “mole poblano”, amongst many other mouth-watering epicurean delights. A must from their bar is their signature margarita made with 100% blue agave tequila, as delicious as it is potent! The dining experience at La Choza is a feast of Mexican flavors that is based in a long history of family tradition.

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