Tulum is a Melting Pot of Global Culture

Chances are if you’ve thought about visiting Mexico you’ve considered checking out Tulum. Located in the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula, this hot spot has frequented travel blogs and year-end lists the world over in recent years.

Despite the tourist boom, however, Tulum has kept its trendy, magical, eco-friendly, boho-chic vibe that continues to attract lovers and friends alike.

The town has an interesting modern-day cultural blend, combining traditional Mayan people with recent newcomers, mostly from Europe (especially Italy) and North America. For this reason, Italian restaurants abound in Tulum and the Riviera Maya, and nightlife attractions include such imports as flamenco dancing.

On the other hand, a traditional Mayan church can be found in the Cancha Maya, one of the main plazas in downtown Tulum. Many local spas also offer treatments inspired by the Mayans herbal knowledge, or treatments performed by local Mayan shamans and healers.

However, Tulum was settled during the 90’s as an off-the-grid hippie hangout, and since then a Tulum ruins tour and some of the best beaches in the world have welcomed a healthy mixture of adventurers, yogis, and those simply looking to unwind.

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