Tuxtla’s Weather Warms Visitors All Year Long

Tuxtla Mexico is a stunning colonial city in the state of Chiapas, in the sub-tropical southern part of the country. The vast rainforests, the kindness of its people and the food make the city a must-visit destination. It’s latitude, rugged geography and dense vegetation gives the town great weather all year long.

As temperatures are always between 62°F and 97°F (17°C – 36°C), and the rainy season only runs from June through September, there is always something to see and do no matter when you go. Prepare yourself with some Chiapas facts, tips and ideas so that you can best enjoy your trip to Mexico.


Spring is warm in Chiapas, but not upsetting. It iss the best time to enjoy nature, as the diverse flora characteristic of this green state flourishes. Great for bird watching and hiking, spring is all about nature.

Keep in mind that with April comes the holy week, or Semana Santa, an intense holiday season that can make Tuxtla and the surrounding towns a bit crowded.

Before the summer rains start to pour, it is the perfect time to take a Sumidero Canyon tour. This impressive geological marvel of nature that cuts deep into the earth brings people from all over the world to marvel at its sheer cliffs rising high above the river below.


High temperatures can sometimes be overwhelming during summer. A few showers of warm rainwater will not stop you from exploring Tuxtla and its extraordinary culinary scene. Go shopping, look around, explore the old city by yourself, or take a city tour.

When you are done walking and your hunger is satisfied, take a short ride to the calm beaches of Puerto Arista and Boca del Cielo, swim in the clear, blue water and get a tan.


There are no falling leaves in the evergreen state of Chiapas. As temperatures drop a bit, it’s time to immerse yourself in Mexican culture and witness the many festivals that take place during fall in Tuxtla. The Festival Internacional Cervantino Barroco is a multidisciplinary event filled with good food, traditional dancing and folkloric music.

The Marimba, a percussion instrument made out of wood, is customary in the region and very popular amongst the local population. The cheerful marimba music has its own festival in November, and it is a huge event not to be missed.


Chiapas is the perfect getaway for winter holidays, the weather is warm and the air dense. Nights might be chilly, but you won’t even notice. Visit the archeological site of Palenque, and the many dramatic waterfalls scattered throughout the region. The Blue Water Waterfall, or Cascada de Agua Azul is a sight you will not easily forget.

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