Upscale Valle de Bravo Boasts Some Serious Options for Foodies

Many of the restaurants in Valle de Bravo have become popular attractions with visitors, in part, due to the delicious, elaborately-prepared gourmet cuisine and the fantastic variety of Mexican and international food on offer.

If you want to take a well deserved break from the array of adventure tours that are sure to make up the majority of your days, then the restaurants and eateries of Valle serve up the perfect family fun activity.

There is an incredible amount of delicious specialties made with fresh local ingredients, such as the traditional fowl mole, pig’s head stew, and steamed beef stew. Barbacoa (pit-baked lamb), fried pork, ash tamales, sweet bread, a salad traditionally served for Christmas dinner, and dough fritters called bunuelos, are just some of the region’s most delectable specialties.

Some of the most popular drinks include ”sambumbia”, a beverage made of pineapple, water and sugar; ”zende” a fermented drink made of sweet corn, ”pulque”, made of fermented maguey juice, and fruit liqueurs, such as the ones made of quince, blackberry, guava and anise. You can also find refreshing cold beverages stored in huge ceramic pots and glass barrels, used as coolers.

There’s no excuse for not sampling the region’s cuisine, since the food and beverages offered at the local restaurants, eateries and hotels is extensive, varied and always of an exceptional quality.

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