Valle de Bravo is one of Mexico’s Best Kept Secrets

Valle de Bravo is a town nestled on the shore of Lake Avandaro, approximately 97 miles from Mexico City.

With one of the loveliest colonial centers in central Mexico, the “pueblo magico” (magic town) of Valle de Bravo is a wonderful spot for an escape. A long and winding mountain road runs the 53 miles from Toluca, taking you to the shores of Lago Avandaro – one of the few man-made lakes in Mexico, the result of the construction of a hydroelectric station.

Valle, as it’s known to locals, is famous for being the weekend retreat of choice for the upper class, as they escape from Mexico City to Valle de Bravo. The views at the lakeside are stunning, but the beguiling and largely intact colonial center is the real draw here. Boating on the lake is very popular as well, and is a prime location for adventure experiences. The area surrounding the city, offers hiking and camping in the hills, jungle tours and some of the best paragliding in Mexico.

Valle is set up well for visitors. There’s a tourist-info kiosk on the wharf and essential services, including ATM’s and internet cafes, are found around the main plaza, which is a 10-minute walk from the waterfront.

In late October or early November, the week-long Festival de las Almas, an international arts and culture extravaganza, brings in music and dance troupes from all over Europe and Latin America.

With an ever-expanding tourist market, and a thrilling adventure capital, Valle de Bravo has evolved into city, where adventure is burrowed into every corner.

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