Valle de Bravo is Surrounded by Unspoilt Natural Beauty

The region around Valle de Bravo and it’s beautiful lake is one of the most visited in Mexico’s Central Highlands – the nickname “Mexican Switzerland” is no exaggeration. Only a two hour drive from Mexico City, the town makes for a popular weekend destination for locals and visitors alike.

Valle is located in the thickly wooded hills overlooking the beautiful Lake Avándaro – an artificial lake, the result of a dam project. In its center, one can find impressively intact colonial buildings and quaint streets. Valle de Bravo’s surroundings include parks such as Parque Natural Bosencheve and the Reserva de Monte Alto – ideal for mountain and rock climbing.

Of all the Valle de Bravo activities on offer, however, the water sports are out of this world. Enthusiasts flock to this charming colonial town for sailing, kayaking, waterskiing and paddle boarding.

For those preferring to stay dry, hike to Mirador La Peña for panoramic views of the idyllic landscape, or go even higher with a breathtaking paragliding in Mexico excursion. In season, every day in Valle is flyable, giving you a variety of mountain, flatland and convergence lift to fill your boots with. A chilled lakeside bar will nourish your sky-riddled body and mind after you land. It’s no wonder Valle has been the site of many top-class international competitions throughout the years.

Traveling in the winter, on the other hand, offers a unique opportunity to visit the nearby Piedra Herrada, a sanctuary that is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Butterfly Biosphere Reserve. Millions of monarch butterflies overwinter in its oyamel fir forests, making for a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Back in the 1970s, Valle was merely considered another “typical small Mexican town with cobblestone streets” with spectacular lake views and a nearly untouched forest. With time, the town became one of the top places to visit in Mexico as people began catching on to its magic, and now you can too.

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