Visit the Baja’s Loreto for Adventure in the Sea of Cortez

Loreto is the perfect base from which to enjoy the Baja Peninsula and its great outdoors. The local ecology, landscape, climate and its proximity to the sea, make this region a natural paradise for those who love nature. What’s more, you can find experienced and well prepared local organizations who are ready to help you enjoy the best of what this region has to offer.

Apart from its appeal to the ecologically-minded or those simply out to enjoy the indigenous flora and fauna, Loreto also offers the occasional fishing trip. And species such as mahi mahi, wahoo and tuna abound in local waters. But if you’re looking for more exclusive experiences, you can play golf to your heart’s content on one of the renowned courses, or if your preference is for adrenaline-fuelled activities Loreto offers its signature adventures in the sea.

Scuba diving, sailing, sea kayaking, and some of the best snorkeling takes place around the islands found just offshore. Isla del Carmen and Isla Danzante are the two main attractions, which also offer the opportunity for overnight stays.

With its calm turquoise waters, year-round spectacular weather and uncompromising beaches, it’s no wonder that adventure remains one of the main attractions in Loreto.

Featured Tours in Loreto