Visit the Coral Reefs of Cozumel in a Submarine

On his first visit to Cozumel, world-renowned researcher and self-taught oceanographer Captain Jacques Cousteau proclaimed it one of the most spectacular diving areas in the world. These fabled shores provide shelter for the second largest reef system in the Western Hemisphere, offering water enthusiasts many opportunities to enjoy and interact with this incredible underwater world.

From colorful coral reefs to a crystal clear sea that teems with innumerable tropical fish, turtles, rays, sharks and many other exciting endemic species, the Caribbean Sea surrounding the island offers something for everyone looking for things to do in Cozumel.

Not everyone however is a diver or a snorkeler, whether it be physical- or age-related challenges that restrict movement, or simply that getting wet is not your cup of tea. Fortunately there is an exciting adventure on offer that will suit your needs.

A local supplier operates a battery powered, air-conditioned, fully submersible submarine that that was originally commissioned as a USA Navy minesweeper, and later sold to the Mexican Navy for rescue and patrolling missions. Nowadays you can visit various underwater attractions like the 154 foot-long Felipe Xicotencatl shipwreck and the famous Cozumel Wall (an 1,800 foot drop to the Cozumel Channel below) in the comfort and safety of this underwater vessel.

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