Visit San Sebastian del Oeste When You’re in Puerto Vallarta

Nestled deep in the Sierra Madre Mountains, located in the state of Jalisco, San Sebastian del Oeste is recognized as one of Mexico’s last remaining secrets. While this tiny mountain enclave isn’t far Puerto Vallarta, it remains a world away from the usual tourist traffic.

Originally settled in 1605, this secluded 17th century mining town reached its peak prosperity in the 1700’s, when over 30,000 people inhabited the area. Over the years, the town’s population dwindled dramatically as gold and silver were mined intermittently between the 1600’s and the early 1900’s.

With its charming display of Mexican culture, cobblestone plaza, elegant snow-white buildings, classic Porfirian bandstand, an 18th century church dedicated to San Sebastian and a wealth of 18th century Haciendas, you’ll enjoy a privileged glimpse into colonial Mexico, untouched by time.

If you are looking for a weekend away from the usual Mexican festivals, resorts filled with beach and surf and you have become accustomed to the varieties of things to do in Puerto Vallarta, stop by and visit picturesque San Sebastian del Oeste. Explore the mountains, valleys, rivers and beautiful landscapes of Jalisco, and discover a town preserved with the memories of good times pasts, the charms of tranquility, and many natural destinations for the curious adventurer.

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