Visit the Mesoamerican Site of Plazuelas from San Miguel de Allende

Plazuelas is a pre-Hispanic archaeological site located just north of San Juan el Alto, about 1.5 miles north of federal highway 90, and about 75 miles from Guanajuato city in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico.

Plazuelas was built over three hillsides, divided by two ravines, overlooking a large valley to the south. The eastern ravine has a water spring, considered the main water source for the inhabitants, while the western ravine, known as “Los Cuijes” only has seasonal rain water.

The site is dominated by a large, rectangular plaza with several pyramidal structures and platforms, along with a massive ball court. To the north of the structures is a field of boulders with thousands of glyphs carved into them. The structure complex known as Casas Tapadas comprises of 4 buildings, a palace and a small structure of significant archaeology: an altar bordered by a thick wall with a seating bench on the inside. There are also several entrances, with a main access on the west side.

The original settlement was considerably larger, with a giant, circular structure called El Cajete marking its eastern extent.

Plazuelas is just a sample of Penjamo’s and Guanajuato’s impressively rich Mexican history. More archaeological sites are located in Penjamo’s territory and, similarly to San Miguel de Allende, most of them can be found in the mountainous areas of the sierras and close to some communities adjacent to other hills.

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