Visit the Spectacular Waterfalls of Agua Azul for a Day Trip from San Cristobal

The Agua Azul waterfalls are located in the Mexican state of Chiapas. They can be found in the Municipality of Tumbala, about 42 miles from the Mayan culture of Palenque by the road that leads towards San Cristobal de las Casas.

The waterfall consists of many cataracts following one after another. The larger cataracts may be as high as 20 feet or so. The water is blue, and has a high mineral content. Where it falls on rocks or fallen trees it encases them in a thick shell-like coating of limestone. During much of the distance the water descends in two streams, with small islands in the middle. Be sure to visit the falls in the breath-taking green valley and swim in one of the calm parts of the refreshing blue river.

These spectacular water attractions – the thundering cascades of Agua Azul and the 115-foot jungle waterfall of Misol-Ha – are both short detours off the Ocosingo to Palenque road. During the rainy season they lose part of their beauty as the water gets murky, though the power of the waterfalls is magnified.

Both are most easily visited on an organized day tour from Palenque. The Sumidero Canyon, a similarly notable attraction, lies just 4 hours from the waterfall, and should be considered the next stop if you plan on traveling through the state of Chiapas.

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