Visit Tulum to Experience Mayan Culture

Renowned for its Mayan ruins and pristine beaches Tulum is the new frontier of Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

The formerly walled city was one of the last to be built by the Mayans, and today its restored archaeological site is incredibly well preserved and intact. Perched on a cliff face overlooking the beautiful turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean, the ruins offer a fascinating insight into the mystique of Mayan culture. Structures of interest and murals give reverence to their pantheon of gods, the “Descending God” (Spanish “Dios Descendente”) being the patron of Tulum.

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The Castillo, sometimes referred to as “the lighthouse”, is the tallest preserved building and stands forefront on the bluff, commanding miles of spectacular views along the coast and out to the ocean. The House of Columns (Spanish “la Casa de Columnas”) and the Temple of the God of the Wind (Spanish “Templo del Dios del Viento”) hold watchtowers and religious altars and are valued secondary structures within the ruin site.

Experts in archaeology confirm that Tulum was a central hub for trade, both land and sea. The beach below, which is a must to swim, snorkel and rest after a day of exploring was the docking area for the ships that plied their trade along the Yucatan Peninsula.

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