Witness Spectacular Mountain Scenery Outside of Monterrey

The beautiful, flashy city of Monterrey, Mexico lies nestled in the mountains, 130 miles (210 kilometers) from the Texas border in the state of Nuevo León. A bustling modern metropolis and tech mecca, Monterrey is special for its futuristic luster juxtaposed against rapidly approaching wilderness. There are many fun things to do in Monterrey.

The city itself is home to three of the more beautiful urban parks in Mexico: Fundidora Park, which especially combines urban history and ultramodern landscaping; the Santa Lucía riverwalk, an artificial river lined with restaurants and trails and lawns; and the Macroplaza, one of the world’s great city squares, truly enormous and ringed with stunning government buildings, a library, a theater, smaller gardens and monuments (including one by Rufino Tamayo) and fountains. The former and latter are connected by the riverwalk. Monterrey absolutely deserves a visit, but it is also surrounded by various amazing ecotourist destinations.

Many great Monterrey activities require some distance from the city itself. Like many parts of Mexico, Monterrey sits atop an incredible array of cave systems. The Grutas de Garcia in particular is visited by many adventurers who wish to hike inside 60 million year-old caverns filled with ancient marine fossils. This system also bears the Mexican hallmark of a cenote to light its airy halls.

Monterrey is privileged to some of the best hikes in Mexico. There are various peaks with well-established trails, but there is also a lot of awesome canyoneering to be found even near the city. One such canyon, Matacanes, offers travelers the opportunity to do technical canyoneering and rappelling and more cave exploration, to swim in crystal blue grottoes, and walk through verdant forest teeming with life.

Many visitors to the area also opt for private hot air balloon trips above the dawning yellow countryside, a completely original experience for most people sensually speaking. Floating lazily just above sleepy land is a uniquely relaxing and refreshing experience with a visual perspective not likely reached anywhere else. Monterrey is one of the better places to do this, because of the local beauty, and destinations where ballooning is in the first place a possibility are rare and specific. On the opposite end of the spectrum, though ballooning is quite thrilling, there are various opportunities for zip lining and bungee jumping, for the kinds of tourists whose horizons are defined by thrill seeking.

The list goes on; Monterrey is a place brimming with activity and opportunity. The city is a modern-fantastical entity with the grandest of natural-urban sites for walking and relaxing and architectural admiring. When people travel, even just a little bit beyond the normal, they’ll find some of the most beautiful wild country in Mexico filled with adventures they can participate in.

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