Year Round Good Weather Make Cozumel Island Fun to Visit Anytime

Cozumel is Mexico’s original ‘Caribbean’ destination; an island about 40 miles south of Cancun and Mexico’s largest Caribbean island with a total land area of approximately 308 square miles. Much like its illustrious Caribbean qualities, the island is an exciting festival-driven location, that celebrates many Mexican festivals.

Cozumel is host to a lively, colorful Carnival near Easter each year, when locals compete in the festivities for coveted prizes which recognize best costume, best dancers, etc. This is a busy and popular time on the island, when parades and other festivities take over the town and create an atmosphere of fun and festivity. The event climaxes with three nights of parades and dancing leading up to Ash Wednesday. The Carnival is usually in February or March, depending on what date Easter arrives on. Events conclude every year on ‘Fat Tuesday’ with dazzling technicolor processions along Cozumel’s downtown seafront.

The ‘Sacred Mayan Crossings’ take place in May or June each year. Hundreds of oarsman in wooden canoes, travel from the islands’ Mayan ruins and paddle from the mainland to Cozumel and back. The 3-day event recreates ancient ritual pilgrimages undertaken by the original inhabitants of the Yucatan to Polé.

On September 28, the statue of Cozumel’s patron saint is carried by a procession of decorated boats to the north point of the island during the San Miguel Arcangel Fiesta, and garlands of flowers are tossed into the water in remembrance of lost seamen.

There is never a moment when you would not know what to do in Cozumel, with its world-famous scuba diving, arguably the best snorkeling in all of Mexico, and the many varieties of fiesta-like processions.

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