Playa del Carmen History Guide

Playa del Carmen is very popular tourist destination located in the Riviera Maya, along the Caribbean coastline in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico. The Riviera Maya is a coastal region that includes a 75 miles-long stretch of coastline running from the northern fishing village of Puerto Morelos south to the tourist destination of Tulum and beyond to the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve.

Playa del Carmen started out as a fishing village, as many as 110 years ago, and later became the natural port for boats crossing between Cozumel Island and the mainland. Its almost unending stretches of white sand beach, turquoise blue waters, and laid-back feel quickly made it a popular destination for tourists. By the 1990’s, infrastructure development and population expansion resulted it holding the title of fastest growing Latin American municipality, a title that it held for a few consecutive years. The current approximate population is 200,000 including expatriates from over 40 countries.

Aside from the obvious attractions like its beaches, the sea and all the water sports imaginable, tourist activity in Playa del Carmen centers on Quinta Avenida, or its famous Fifth Avenue, which stretches an incredible 30 blocks from south to north! Fifth Avenue is now lined with hundreds of shops, bars, restaurants, spas and an assortment of boutique-style hotels to choose from. Day and night it is indeed an entertainment mecca!

Just a little further south of the main urban area is Playacar, a combination of residential and tourist development. Most of the all-inclusive hotels, the aviary and the golf course are located in this area. There are two phases in the area – Phase 1 is mostly residential with a few hotels and some stores, while Phase 2 contains the largest all-inclusive resorts as well as the golf course and a significant number of residential properties.

Playa del Carmen Tours and Activities

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