Cocobongo Party Night (in Riviera Maya)

The sun has set over the turquoise blue Caribbean Sea and night has fallen. Its time to get dressed, get out and discover the non-stop rocking that can only be found at Cocobongo.

The most popular nightclub in the region, Cocobongo’s state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, performing acrobats, circus acts, conga lines, live bands, musician impersonators, professional dancers, projected videos, balloons, soap bubbles and confetti will keep you spellbound and rocking until dawn.

$75 (Mondays to Wednesdays)

$80 (Thursdays to Saturdays)


Your Cocobongo Party Night (in Riviera Maya) includes the following:

  • Admission
  • Show
  • Open bar
  • Open bar: 10:30 PM to 3:30 AM
  • Age restrictions: minimum age 18 years
  • Only those carrying an official photo identification will be allowed to enter

Please bring the following to your Cocobongo Party Night (in Riviera Maya):

  • Photo ID
  • Extra $$ for tips etc…
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